Please sir, can I have SMORE?

On my search for awesome web tools, I found this neat little site called You can create dynamic digital flyers with very little effort. I thought it would be a great way to organize thoughts or present knowledge for students and teachers. It is extremely simple and young students would even be able to navigate the site (although they need a log in). I think there are some limitations to the site (like lack of hyperlinking capabilities) but even in the past few months they have been making additions and changes. When I first created my poster there was no embed tool and now there is (although it doesn’t seem to work with WordPress). So I think they are working on improvements. You can also share your poster via social media and track it’s views/popularity.

I made a Smore poster in attempts to narrow down my top 3 favorite web tools by category. Feel free to comment!

Techaroni Tool Box


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