First Graders Can Do ANYTHING!

Today I was wandering around the twitterverse and stumbled across a video by Richard Colosi. The video was all about Echo Reading with an iPad. Echo reading? I had never heard of it! Echo reading? I never heard of it? HAHA! But seriously folks….The idea of using the iPad to increase fluency and practice reading was intriguing to me! So I checked it out.

Then I started looking at all the great instructional videos and student work videos posted to his page. He is chock full of great ideas for early readers. Definitely want to participate in his collaborative art project called The Dot Project (based on the Peter Reynolds book). I also plan to use these videos as a motivational tool for my first grade teachers to help inspire them to be innovative in how they integrate iPads/ods into their reading curriculum.

He had another great student produced video on Podcasting. It was as if the students were speaking directly to me and teachers new to using iPads in the classroom. They addressed people’s doubts on a first grader’s ability to produce this type of work on their own. They reassured us that they could do it. I think people underestimate the students’s proficiency on the iPads and their ability to produce high quality work. I am hoping that this video will help prove to my teachers that even though they are only 6 and 7 years old, they are capable of digital greatness!


3 thoughts on “First Graders Can Do ANYTHING!

  1. I have already forwarded this video to all of my teachers. It’s wonderful and we are beginning a 1:1 program this year. Would it be possible to include it on our district PD website? Please let me know as I think many teachers could benefit from using this strategy.

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