Harry the Wong-meister

Harry Wong as been around for a while but his words never go out of style. I had the privilege of seeing him and his lovely wife Rosemary and the amazing Chelonnda Seroyer. No matter how much technology we infuse into the curriculum, and no matter how we challenge our students with problem based learning, at the end of the day if you can’t run a classroom properly the rest is useless.

I have heard Chelonnda Seroyer speak before and I have read Harry Wong’s book but it was still nice to get a refresher in classroom management right before school starts.

Procedures, procedures, procedures!!!!!

So I am getting my procedures in order.
The more procedures, the better.
This way the students know exactly what is expected of them and what

Entering the classroom procedure
Quieting down the classroom procedure
Going to the bathroom procedure
Turning in your classwork procedure

Chelonnda Seroyer has a procedure intro that she uses for her class. Here’s the link.

I am planning on using her procedures as an inspiration for my classroom procedures.  I have already created an action plan and infraction notices.  I love the idea of documenting every infraction that occurs in the classroom.  It is a genius way to cover your tush.

Here are my beautiful orange slips….


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