Craig Hazan, the typography curator


Funny story.

I was searching for my dad because he tried to “friend” me on Linkedin.  I couldn’t find his profile so I did a search for his name.  My dad’s name is Craig Hazan and I didn’t think it was too common.  I honestly thought he was the only one.  To my surprise, I came across a man named Craig Hazan who was NOT my father.  Instead he was a typography obsessed graphic artist, much like myself.  He has a graphic design firm-Hazan + Co, letter typography website-Twenty-Six Types, punctuation website- Punctuate Me and a number typography website-Number of the Day.  He lives in Brooklyn and my dad is from Brooklyn.  I felt like he MUST be related to me some how.  I have attempted to contact him but haven’t heard back.

Either way, he has curated an excellent collection of typography inspiration.

Check them out!!!


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