Google Teacher’s Academy New York

What an exciting experience!

After an extensive application process and a selection of only 60 applications world-wide, I was lucky enough to attend the Google Teachers Academy New York (GTANY).  Since I’m sort of a local, getting to New York was a piece of cake and I had the added benefit of staying with a friend of mine in her NYC apartment so the early morning commute was no big deal.

I arrived at the Google Offices in the Meatpacking District in NYC promptly at 8am.  Security was very tight!  We were shuttled around the building in chaperoned groups.  We started our day in “Central Park” which is their large conference room.  Every room in the building is named after a location in New York or a television show that takes place in New York.  We later had meetings in Astro Land, Saturday Night Live, and Battery Park.  The office had a very laid back vibe.

They have Razor scooters to aid in faster travel around the very large office space.  There was literally writing on the walls with ideas and inspiration.  They bring in local artists to create inspiring murals or motivational imagery.

There was even a Lego room to help stimulate creativity.  This place was amazing!  And don’t get me started on the food….  But that is not why we were there….We were so Googlized by the end that we had Google overload.  The capabilities of Google are mind blowing.  As each presenter explained how they were using Google in their classroom or what new cool feature is available through Google, I was so inspired and excited to start implementing them all as soon as possible.  I know I have much to share with my teachers at my school.

Here are some highlights:

Foreign Language Chatbots
Google chat you can add a foreign language bot that translates for you.
Google chat bot.  Add them as your friends.

Research within a Google Doc
Command/Control R – A side pane pops up and allows you to research from within your document.
If you drag an image or quote into your document it creates an automatic footnote at the bottom of the page.

Using Google Maps Across the Curriculum
Google Earth Walks
Google Map timelines

Science Resources

Math Resources

Language Arts

  • Pick a place on the map to start a story
  • Create a lit trip.
  • Map what happens where while reading a story.

Self Correcting Quizzes, WHAT?!?! 

Using Google forms in conjunction with Flubaroo to create a quiz that corrects itself! Apparently there are these things called scripts that help to automate things in Google Spreadsheets. More script goodness….


Attention grabber/hooks/discussion starters
Provide real world context for lessons
Create a playlist
Edit videos together within Youtube
Create Youtube centers and stations (teacher created video station+station working with students+students working independently)

Check out James Sanders playlists
Pixar Studio Stories video
Voice of the Active Learner (blackboard)

Google Chrome Apps
We Video
Web Lab

AND check out this link to Amy Mayer’s Website Fried Technology

This is just a brief overview.  There was so much more.  But after 12 hours of workshops and speakers we finally graduated and received our official Google Certified Teacher Pins.



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