Shabbat Around the World – Here We Go!

Shabbat Around the World has begun!

My 4th grade students have been working on our school’s annual Shabbat Around the World Project.  Student groups have been assigned a country to research.  They are using the internet and books to find out more information on the Jews from that country. How did they get there, what are their traditions, what kinds of foods do they eat, what are their customs, in what ways they like us, in what ways do we differ?  Students create an audio/visual presentation for parents and friends during a special evening assembly.  I have also paired each group with a class from a Jewish Day School in their assigned country to use as a primary resource.

Our five countries this year are Australia, Brazil, India, Romania and South Africa.

Step 1 – Students reviewed Google Search skills.

Step 2 – Students divided the work amongst group members.

Step 3 – Research and collaboration began with the help of Google Apps.

Step 4 – Groups decided on their interview questions and interview jobs after viewing this presentation.

Step 5 – Informational Skype with Jewish Day School in Sao Paolo, Brazil

Step 6 – Students created interview videos for the countries with time zones that make Skyping impossible.


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