Beyond the Diorama

Remember the diorama?  I loved the diorama.  I hated writing and loved arts and crafts, so the diorama was always my first choice when given book report options in elementary school.  What was I learning by creating a diorama?  Translating written words into images.  While I am hardly suggesting to get rid of dioramas or other artsy craftsy projects, I’m suggesting we add some new means of expression for our digital native students.


Have students create a Glogster poster that recaps the story and gives a book review that combines videos, photos, images and writing.

Students present the book report in a simple digital poster.  Easier to manipulate for younger students.



Students create a comic strip that retells a favorite scene from the book.


Students create a timeline of major events from their book with corresponding images.





Students create a video lit trip of story locations using Google Maps and Tripline.



Create a video book trailer (like a movie trailer but for a book).



Students create an audio podcast talk show where they review their book.


This is a fun option for a book report.  Students can create a talking avatar that can tell the story or review their book.



On our classroom WordPress Blogs, have students post their book review as a blog post. Require students to read and comment on the post.  You could do the same with any of these projects.  By posting the projects and opening up discussions you are adding another dimension to the learning.  The writer or the review needs to be able to answer questions or contribute to discussions.


**Or you could do Power Point, even though they are so 1999.  Although these days I would rather Google Drive Presentations or a Sliderocket instead.****

I was inspired by the following blogs, so please visit their sites for additional inspiration of your own.  They are super smart with awesome blogs filled with endless ideas for the classroom.


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