Pre- Blogging


I just came across this amazing post by Shannon McClintock Miller, a Technology Integrationist who came up with a great way  to prep students for blogging. Before touching the computers, she starts with paper blogs. Students create their blog post on paper then the other students go around the room and add “comments” using sticky notes.

Check out her blog post. She does the lesson with 4th grade but I think it would work well with any age group including the little guys.



Last year while attending EdJewCon in Florida, I met with Stephanie Teitlebaum, a fourth grade teacher who uses blogging as an integral part of her teaching.  She shared with me her planning process day-by-day.  I’m not saying you need to follow the same plan but it can serve as a guideline.  Check out her class blog.

Mondays – Graphic Organizer for writing

Tuesdays – Rough Draft – get laptop cart and they write it in their blog as a draft.  Teacher will walk around the room and assist.  Their homework will be to finish their draft.

Wednesdays  – Those who are done with rough draft.  They must read it to themselves.  Then they need to read out loud to a peer to help edit.  They begin proof reading and editing.

Thursday – All editing.  Teacher will conference with the teacher.  Use the blog rubric as a guideline. Did you add pictures? hyperlinks?

Friday – Publish.  She allows 3-4 to share aloud.


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