Scratch Games in 7th Grade

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Hour of Code

This year I ran an Hour of Code program with grades PK – 8th for the first time. I didn’t know what to expect but the results were amazing. The students loved it. In fact, they were begging me for more.

All About Me

First grade students used Kids Pix to create their first slideshows. Students were given a topic for each slide and had to express themselves using all the tools available on Kids Pix. When all images were complete students were taught how to create as slideshow by importing images, arranging their order, adding transitions, and adding sound effects. They were so proud of their final projects.
Here are a couple of examples.

2nd Grade All About Books with Mrs. Lippman

Students did extensive research on a topic of their choice. They created an original “All About” book which combined their findings and original artwork. The finished products were amazing. We then converted these hard copies into digital books on the iPad using the Book Creator App. Books were then uploaded to in order to create digital online books.

Mia’s Book – All About Big Cats

Noah H’s Book – All About Yoga¬†

Ariel’s Book – All About Hawaii

Liem’s Book – All About Israel

Aviva’s Book – All About Legos

Jonathan’s Book – All About Football

Samara’s Book – All About Soccer

Sam’s Book – All About Whales


Tech in K

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Kids in Kindergarten can do anything! We just completed a unit on word processing. My K students can create a document, type, stylize text, add clip art, and search for images on the Internet. If you need any pointers they’d be happy to help.